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♡ About me ♡

Heather is a Bachelor of Journalism student in Toronto with a passion for story telling. An aspiring author, Heather never leaves the house without a notebook and a plot line in her head. Although she is in a journalism course, she loves all things creative. Her bedroom or "work space" is constantly strewn with novels, clothes, and half painted canvases. Heather is a cat lover, indie music listener, social media addict, borderline shopaholic and blogger.

 Floral and Fauna was created to help girls and women learn to love themselves for who they are. To help people look as good on the outside as they are inside. To build confidence. To save money. To create. To inspire.  Live your life for you. Life is far too short to be worried you're not good enough, or to not eat a cookie. Fashion is our passion.

"May your spirit be as free as your hair, and your hair be as free as your spirit"

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