Thursday, September 26, 2013

Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Makeup

Miley Cyrus recently released her music video for Wrecking Ball and she looked INCREDIBLE. Her look was very stripped back (pun intended) and I absolutely love her simplistic makeup look. The minimal eye makeup, flawless skin, and bright red lip is so simple and yet so perfect. So I looked in my collection for items I love, and found the perfect products to create this look!

1. Benefit's They're Real Mascara:
I held out on this product for SO LONG. I don't know why, but I was so hesitant to buy it. I hate buying high end mascaras because I find them so expensive and I'm way to picky about mascara to make that kind of commitment. I picked it up on a whim, and I'm in love with it. It works perfectly on me (note: mascara works differently on everyone). It gives me very long, thick, false looking eyelashes- just like Miley's! Sephora.

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil in Soft Brown:
Miley's eyebrows are perfectly filled in and I love this pencil. I have brunette since my hair is much darker than Miley's. remember, your eyebrows should be a shade lighter than your hair! Sephora. 

3. Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner:
My favourite eyeliner, especially for liquid. A precise felt tip applicator makes accurate and thin lines that are easy to draw on. For Miley's look, you just want to do a very fine line on your upper lash line. Drugstores

4. MAC Wedge Eyeshadow:
This is a gorgeous, soft, "barely there" matte eyeshadow perfect for lightly accenting your natural eye crease. Using a blending or smudging brush, gently place this shadow in your crease to create Miley's look. mac cosmetics.

5. Essie Blanc Nail Polish:
Self explanatory. Miley is wearing a opaque white polish, this is an opaque white polish. I like Essie because the brushes are thin and the formula is usually super easy to work with. Drugstores/Salons. 

6. Rimmel Apocalips Lip Laquer in Big Bang:
THESE THINGS ARE AMAZING. I know for sure that they're out in Canada and the U.K but I'm not sure about America yet (sorry!). These are super pigmented, practically lipstick in a lip gloss form, and last a long time. I would compare it to the OCC lip tars (but I like these way better). I will possibly do a review of these soon. To get Miley's lip: Apply, blot off with a tissue to make it stay longer, reapply, Drugstores

So there you have it, how to get Miley's gorgeous look! You don't have to love her, but you have to admit she looks stunning.

Until next time,

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Adorable Audrey

Audrey is, was, and will always be flawless. Her iconic "Breakfast at Tiffany's" look has been duplicated many times! Of course after our "Brunette Bardot" look, Megan and I decided we wanted to try our hand at recreating the look.

 My Hairstylist Lucy (aka the nicest person ever), offered to help us create the look. Lucy gave Megan a gorgeous up-do, complete with a massive bun. I'm thrilled with the way the look turned out!

I'm thrilled with the way the look turned out! Megan and Lucy are both such talented girls, and were amazing to work with on the shoot. It was impossible for me to pick my favourites because every picture turned out lovely. However, here are some of my favourite, Audrey inspired shots!

Megan's Outfit:

Skirt- Forever 21
Top- Dynamite
Necklace- Aldo Accessories

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