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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

♡ Here Kitty Kitty ♡

Cats are pretty awesome right? In fact, they're pretty purrfect. They're half the love of a dog, with way less commitment! You can leave your cat at home when you go out, and it could care less that you're not around. I'm pretty much a future cat lady. Yes- I set my ambitions and standards very high. Lucky for me, and all the other future cat ladies out there, cats are actually becoming quite the fashion trend!

Our feline friends are rather cute, so it makes sense that anything with a cat on it officially qualifies as adorable! I mean come on, if Disney movies have taught me anything (aside from everything I know), it's that everybody wants to be a cat. Sleep and eat all day without judgement? Sign me up! Sigh- we are but mere humans. At least we can feel inspired and dip our paws into the feline lifestyle!

Let me know what you think of these beautiful, pawsitively cute-as-a-kitten pieces! The cat's out of the bag, feline in IN.

1. iPhone case, Etsy, $12.82 (can be found here) 2. Smitten Kitten midi ring, Urban Outfitters, $6.00 (can be found here) 3. Cat Sleep Mask, Etsy, $18.18 (can be found here) 4. I'd Be Tabby To Dress, Modcloth, $49.99 (can be found here) 5. Galaxy Cat Sweatshirt, Etsy, $27.81 (can be found here) 6. Disposable Camera in "Grey Multi", Urban Outfitters, $14.00 (can be found here) 7. Cat Eyeglasses in Red, Modcloth, $99.99 (can be found here) 8. Mini Kitty Bracelet, Etsy, $3.20 (can be found here) 9. Best Friends Fur-Ever Mug, Modcloth, $19.99 (can be found here) 10. Meow for Measuring Cups, Modcloth, $34.99 (can be found here) 11. F2313 Cat- Eye Sunglasses, Forever 21, $6.80 (can be found here) 12. Feline Fortunate Flats in White, Modcloth, $62.99 (can be found here) 13. Lords Of Liverpool Kisses Not Hisses Muscle Tee, Urban Outfitters, $29.00 (can be found here)

Until next time,

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