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Sunday, November 10, 2013

5 Thing's I'm Loving: The Sequel

Annnnnndddd, we're back.

1. American Horror Story: Coven- 
Oh my goodness. So the last time I posted about American Horror Story (I say like it was a while longer than it actually was), I was either done season 1 or almost done. I may or may not have watched season 2 as well, and now I'm fully caught up on the show. This season is incredible. If you had asked me what I thought after the first episode, I would have said "meh". It has gotten sooo good. This season's cast is incredible! I loved last season, it was without a doubt the most creepy and intense season. This season is (a teeny tiny bit) more tame. If you don't know, American Horror Story starts a new concept with new characters every season. This season revolves around witches and voodoo in New Orleans. It is absolutely incredible and if you think you can handle the gore and shock value, WATCH IT. This is probably the only show that has ever shocked me. Are you watching this season? Who's your favourite character? I'm partial to Zoe. I loved her first season and I really think there's more going on with her than what you see.

2. Midsummer Night's Dream tea from David's Tea- 
I love tea. Love love love love looooove tea. Loose leaf tea is heavenly. This tea is a caffeine free herbal tea. It's a citrusy-mint light tea. The only way I can describe the smell of this tea is slightly like an orange creamsicle. It tastes very tart and citrusy with a minty, refreshing after taste. I showed this tea to my mom, who doesn't necessarily have the same taste as me, loved it and it has become her favourite. I would suggest smelling this tea at least. It may change your life. Probably not, but hey!

3. The Wet Brush-
I got this brush in my stocking last Christmas. I have super curly, crazy, knotty hair. The only times I can really brush my hair are when I'm in the shower and have a handful of conditioner in. This brush is great for wet hair especially because it doesn't tear at your hair. Brushing wet hair is damaging, this brush helps to avoid that. I will say it doesn't get all the knots out for me so I have to whip out my heavy duty brush to get those ones out.

4. Joy To The Girls Too Faced Eyeshadow Palette-
I bought this recently, and I'm really loving it! Unpopular opinion: I love Too Faced Eyeshadow Palettes more than I like the Urban Decay ones. I just find them more matte and wearable. This palette is a perfect mixture of matte and glittery shadows that are perfect for holiday and everyday looks. It came with a Lashgasm mascara andddddd I think I may like it more than my Benefit "They're Real" Mascara. I think that this would make an excellent gift for friends, family, or yourself.

5. Bioderma-
Sometimes I forget to mention Bioderma because I love it so much. It's like toothpaste. I use bioderma twice a day. Not only does it get all of your makeup off, but it really closes your pores without making your skin tight. I have super sensitive skin, and Bioderma is safe for sensitive skin. If you live somewhere that Bioderma is available, try it out.

Thanks for reading. I can't contain my excitement long enough to keep it a secret. Exciting things will be coming your way in December! (lots and lots of posts).

What are you loving? Let me know!

Until next time,

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Happy Halloween week!

In spirit of Halloween being so soon, I decided to do a post that is not only festive, but trendy as well. I love skulls. I think they're just so cool looking. Gone are the days where skulls were seen as gothic items, now we see them in so many variations that anyone could pull them off. I pulled these items from Etsy and Modcloth, partially because they're my favourite online stores but also because they had the best items!

1. Use Your Noggin bracelet, Modcloth, $15.99 (buy here)
2. Craft Night Brainstorm Sweatshirt, Modcloth, $42.99 (buy here) 
3. A Rose by Any Other Dame Heel, Modcloth, $30.99 (buy here) 
4. Black Knuckle Duster Skull Clutch Bag, Etsy, $39.98 (buy here)
5. About Face Sweater, Modcloth, $44.99 (buy here) 
6. Sugar Skull and Daisies Post Earrings, Etsy, $12.84 (buy here)
7. Floral Skull iPhone 5 Case, Etsy, $7.51 (buy here)
8. Skull-lastic Looks Top, Modcloth, $34.99 (buy here)

In other news, I'm thinking of starting a book club on here! Using Audible, we can all listen to books and talk about them. I'm going to start Allegiant soon. I'm not totally sold on the Divergent series yet, so we'll see how I feel about the book. I love Audible because I'm a student and rarely find time to read a book. Not only that, but sometimes you can find books you need to read for school on Audible, which makes life so much easier. If you ClCK THIS LINK, you will get a 30 day free trial and one free credit you can redeem for a book. Download Allegiant and we can listen together!

What do you think of the skulls trend? Are you dressing up for Halloween? Also, what do you think of the Divergent series? Let me know in the comment section!

Until next time,

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Five Things I'm Loving

1. American Horror Story:
OH MY GOD THIS SHOW. I am a big giant baby when it comes to anything scary. I had heard the rave reviews for years about this show, and I was always so curious. At some point last year, I purchased the first season. However, it sat on my shelf collecting dust because I was too scared to watch it. Finally last week, I sucked up my fears and started watching it. I fell in love. I probably watched the whole season in a few days. It wasn't as scary as it was shocking and creepy. Also, Jessica Lange deserves every award ever. Watch. This. Show.  I'm terrified for Asylum though.

2. Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Branded: 
These are heavenly. I own a few colours, but this colour is my favourite. It's a very nice nude colour with some shimmer. It's perfect for a base under shadow or just on it's own on my lazy days. You can get these at any drugstore, and they are sooooo much better than anything you can buy high end.  Check them out if you have a chance!

3. Philosophy Clear Days Ahead Cleanser: 
My skin has been absolutely awful lately. I went to the doctors for a check up and he looked at my face and said "do you want me to prescribe you something for that?". LIKE REALLY?! So I decided to take a risk and try a new face wash. I'm a drugstore face cleanser kind of girl and spending anything over 10 dollars seemed terrifying. However, I'm so happy with this face wash! It smells incredible for starters. It doesn't smell medicated or strong but has more of a fresh cucumber scent to it. It has been clearing up my skin so well. I forgot to bring it home with me for Thanksgiving and I really noticed the difference in my face. I think this face wash is amazing for my skin! It's purifying and not too drying and doesn't leave your skin tight. Skincare is so different for everyone though, so see what works for you! You can buy the cleanser here!

4. Conair Curl Secret Curling Iron: 
THIS THING LOOKS TERRIFYING. Why would anyone want a machine to suck their hair into it? No one. But wait, this thing is actually amazing and not a terror machine! There are instructions on how to avoid terrifying situations involving burning ones hair off. For it to work, you have to make sure that the hair is tangle free. I got the hang of it really quickly, my mom didn't. I say try it, I really like the curls it gives and find it really quick and easy. I hate when you use wand curlers and your arm gets tired from wrapping hair, and this really stops that. It's cool to see for sure. I made a quickie video on my instagram demonstrating how to use it: It may be a little tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, this curling iron is godly.

4. Lorde- Pure Heroine:
How is this girl sixteen?! Super talented and unique, Lorde's cd has been a favourite of mine. I would compare her to a less sexualized Lana Del Rey, it doesn't have the deepest lyrics but you enjoy the experience. I will say a lot of the songs have a similar sound, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.Obviously there's Royals, but there are so many other great songs! To narrow it down (because I could probably list off the whole album since they're so great!), I'm going to say my favourite three off the album. In no particular order:

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this kind of post/ brief entry into my life. What have you been loving lately?

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Feeling Foxy

Foxes are the newest, cutest, trend of Fall 2013.

These little orange creatures are spotted almost everywhere! Whether you're listening to  Fleet Foxes, as annoyed as I am with the "What Does The Fox Say?" song, or just love the whole fox trend; you will love these adorable items!

1. Clever So Sweet Flat, Modcloth, $57.99 (buy here2. Sleepy Fox Locket, Etsy, $35.00 (buy here3. Fox Face Batwing Top, Etsy, $34.89 (buy here4. Fantastic Fox Hat, Etsy, $26.53 (buy here5. Mr. Fox Luxx Bag, Etsy, $86.01 (buy here6. Foxy ring, Forever 21, $3.80 (buy here7. Fox Phone Case, Forever 21, $5.99 (buy here8. Outfox The Eye Scarf, Modcloth, $45.99 (buy here9. Cooperative Intarsia Slouchy Sweater in Ivory, Urban Outfitters, $59.00 (buy here)

Let me know if you pick up any of these beautiful items! Follow me on twitter:

Until next time,

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Makeup

Miley Cyrus recently released her music video for Wrecking Ball and she looked INCREDIBLE. Her look was very stripped back (pun intended) and I absolutely love her simplistic makeup look. The minimal eye makeup, flawless skin, and bright red lip is so simple and yet so perfect. So I looked in my collection for items I love, and found the perfect products to create this look!

1. Benefit's They're Real Mascara:
I held out on this product for SO LONG. I don't know why, but I was so hesitant to buy it. I hate buying high end mascaras because I find them so expensive and I'm way to picky about mascara to make that kind of commitment. I picked it up on a whim, and I'm in love with it. It works perfectly on me (note: mascara works differently on everyone). It gives me very long, thick, false looking eyelashes- just like Miley's! Sephora.

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil in Soft Brown:
Miley's eyebrows are perfectly filled in and I love this pencil. I have brunette since my hair is much darker than Miley's. remember, your eyebrows should be a shade lighter than your hair! Sephora. 

3. Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner:
My favourite eyeliner, especially for liquid. A precise felt tip applicator makes accurate and thin lines that are easy to draw on. For Miley's look, you just want to do a very fine line on your upper lash line. Drugstores

4. MAC Wedge Eyeshadow:
This is a gorgeous, soft, "barely there" matte eyeshadow perfect for lightly accenting your natural eye crease. Using a blending or smudging brush, gently place this shadow in your crease to create Miley's look. mac cosmetics.

5. Essie Blanc Nail Polish:
Self explanatory. Miley is wearing a opaque white polish, this is an opaque white polish. I like Essie because the brushes are thin and the formula is usually super easy to work with. Drugstores/Salons. 

6. Rimmel Apocalips Lip Laquer in Big Bang:
THESE THINGS ARE AMAZING. I know for sure that they're out in Canada and the U.K but I'm not sure about America yet (sorry!). These are super pigmented, practically lipstick in a lip gloss form, and last a long time. I would compare it to the OCC lip tars (but I like these way better). I will possibly do a review of these soon. To get Miley's lip: Apply, blot off with a tissue to make it stay longer, reapply, Drugstores

So there you have it, how to get Miley's gorgeous look! You don't have to love her, but you have to admit she looks stunning.

Until next time,

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Adorable Audrey

Audrey is, was, and will always be flawless. Her iconic "Breakfast at Tiffany's" look has been duplicated many times! Of course after our "Brunette Bardot" look, Megan and I decided we wanted to try our hand at recreating the look.

 My Hairstylist Lucy (aka the nicest person ever), offered to help us create the look. Lucy gave Megan a gorgeous up-do, complete with a massive bun. I'm thrilled with the way the look turned out!

I'm thrilled with the way the look turned out! Megan and Lucy are both such talented girls, and were amazing to work with on the shoot. It was impossible for me to pick my favourites because every picture turned out lovely. However, here are some of my favourite, Audrey inspired shots!

Megan's Outfit:

Skirt- Forever 21
Top- Dynamite
Necklace- Aldo Accessories

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

D. I. Y Flower Crown


How can you NOT love them? They're absolutely gorgeous and perfect for any end of summer festivals you may be attending! Floral crowns instantly add a bohemian/ hippie vibe to any outfit. Not only are they totally adorable and in style, but they're also incredibly easy to make! You only need a few materials! Get ready, here comes the first Floral and Fauna DIY post!

You'll Need:

  • Flowers of your choice ( I used red and pink roses from Michaels)
  • Floral Wire (I ended up only using the green one)
  • Scissors (Make sure they're sharp! Safety scissors won't cut it, literally)
  • Ribbon to line the inside afterwards (This is totally optional, but the wire kept getting stuck in my hair)

Step One: The Wire

Take Floral Wire (found at almost every craft store) and loosely wrap it around your head twice. I say loosely because the flowers will take away some of the space.

Step Two: The Basics

After you've cut your floral wire, fold it in half. From there, twist it around itself until you make a circle that fits your head but isn't too snug.

Step 3: Wrap Those Flowers

Place the flower (with it's stem or at least part of it), against your base. Cut more floral wire and wrap it around the stem to hold the flower in place. I cut separate pieces of floral wire for each flower so i wouldn't have to weave the whole roll through the flowers. However, if you choose that route, you will have some wire popping out a little. I would suggest that you glue a ribbon to the inside after you finish to avoid those wires hurting you/ getting stuck in your hair!

Keep wrapping! You're almost done!!

And we're done! Now that wasn't so hard, was it? It's really cheap to make your own, and it's much better because it can be customized to look how you want it! How many flowers you want to put on is 100% up to you!

Thank you so much for reading & I hope this tutorial helped! Have any questions? Ask away in the comments and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

Until next time,

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